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Digital Notary on Tagcash Wallet mobile app, utilizing the Tagcoin Blockchain

Here in Philippines, and probably elsewhere, we use Notary Publics all the time, to sign off on documents to attest they are real and the signatures on them are by valid persons. They check the ID of the signatures and stamp it Notarized. It's time consuming and really should be digitized. In USA, this would probably not be viable since there, the procedure is a little different, with all signers gathered together in front of the Notary, who ensures all have read the documents and not under duress to sign and all sign in the presence of the Notary Public.

As an experiment, and to see if we can push this forward for acceptance with government we will be creating a module in Tagcash Wallet to replicate this.

The procedure is quite simple. Documents are uploaded to the server, and the initiator invites others via TAG ID or email to agree on the documents presented. Once the first person has agreed, no more documents can be added to the file. The person signing must have verified their identity using Tagcash KYC Identity before they can can "sign". Once they agree a transaction happens on the Tagcoin Blockchain, storing the date and time and the transaction ID hash. Once all the people invited have signed, then any of them can request a Notary sign the file. Notary signs off and another transaction is done on Tagcoin Blockchain to register it.

Any of the members can now share the document set and who signed it with anyone else in Tagcash, who can verify the documents and who signed it and when. They can verify exact time and date of all signatures using the Tagcoin Transactions on each.

A mockup for this is available in the Tagcash Wallet Mockup under the "Digital Notary" at:

Iplotz Tagcash Wallet Interactive Mockup

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