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How TAG Started in Philippines

I am retired...supposed to be anyway. After building a company in Silicon Valley I made enough to do what I had always wanted - buy a yacht and sail around the world. So in 2004 I did just that, and for 6 years wandered around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific and eventually wound up in Phuket, Thailand where I took a breather, and was there for a couple years. I sold the boat, and started looking at opportunities, never thinking about the Philippines until I had to renew my visa (which I had to do every couple of months). So I took a flight to Manila, and stayed for a week in Makati, and discovered that the Philippines was not as bad as the media had portrayed. So I kept coming back, and started staying more in Makati than in Thailand. Then I bought a condo and a small office where I thought I could set up an incubator to work on IT projects. A chance conversation over drinks where we discussed RFID tags used for entrance into clubs set my mind working. I was also researching reward methods (currencies, regulations, methods etc), and that started me on the road to developing apps and websites. For the first 18 months it was a mishmash of ideas, no real focus, just having fun playing with the tech, but it has slowly morphed into what it is today, although it will change according to technology available.

So as of 2017, TAG is a Payments & Rewards company, using RFID/NFC, Bluetooth Beacons, QR codes, geotagging as part of the mix.

Tagcash Wallet

An ewallet app and platform similar to WeChat - introducing features to encourage users to use digital money. The platform also enables any other app or website to use the wallet system free of charge and any company can create their own rewards currency, optionally having it run on the TAGcoin blockchain. We are now experimenting with chatbots, where payments and rewards are given via Facebook messenger, along with booking services to spend your ewallet money.

Tagcash NFC

Any currency created on the Tagcash system can be used within this Android app, for offline storage and transactions on NFC cards or bracelets. Good for music festivals, transport systems, in house rewards or micro currency usage or anywhere there is little wifi or internet coverage.


A fun gamified loyalty app built over the last 6 months, allowing users to visit "TAGs" on the map every 24 hours (geotags, qr codes, bluetooth beacons or RFID) and to win points and prizes posted by merchants. The points are reusable to place your own TAGs, and earn more points as people visit them, to defend and attack other geotags, and to pay for your own advertising that goes on each capture of a TAG.


An android app in development, this is for proximity marketing, rewarding users with vouchers, coupons, loyalty stamps, and other types of data as they come with 100m of a geotag, near a bluetooth beacon, scan QR codes or touch NFC points. It will work with Tagwild


A cross platform app for inventory tracking and reporting. This will tie up with Tagwild to reward staff and users that update metadata on assets in the real world.


Organising events and selling tickets, rewarding users for promotion and sharing of tickets. No app, but the tickets sales and redemption are done from within the Tagcash Wallet app.

So that is TAG, still growing and a lot of fun to work on...:-)