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My Startup Investments


Online and offline ewallet platform with extra services, offering apps, website and API for integration. Uses Permissioned Blockchains, also available to other Fintech partners.


A digital scavenger game connecting the real world with the virtual world, featuring TagCoin Cryptocurrency.


Blockchain based Supply Chain & Provenance App.


Tag77 is an events and ticketing site, where tickets can be sold, and incentive rewards offered to share on social media.


TagCoin is a cryptocurrency created in October 2013, with a fair launch and no premine. Similar to Bitcoin, Tagcoin is a decentralized currency traded on multiple exchanges. It offers 5% interest pa with an average of 120,000 coins produced per month. Tagcoin is used primarily as a reward currency in various apps and sites.

Virtual Training Company

VTC is a leader in self-paced software video training for the working professional, student, or hobbyist. From pioneer courses in 1994 to its latest releases, VTC continues to expand its library of over 1000 courses, including programs for databases, programming, networking, office applications, graphics, animation & 3D, audio production, video, web design and operating systems


iPlotz enables web designers to create navigable wireframes and mockups. Features include online sharing, exports, and reusable snippets and will help non technical and technical people build prototypes before they go to design and coding.


ProofCore consults on, creates and manages distributed ledger technology solutions, for government departments, banks, consortiums or individual companies, especially where trust is an issue.


Cloud based file storage, using NextCloud open source platform, marketed to people with no credit cards.


Posif is a blockchain based universal rating system with an algorithm that lets anyone rate another person, a company or a product. But your rating only counts if you yourself have a rating.


Tripkada is a mobile app where travellers can join trips organised by fellow travellers. Currently in Philippines, with a view to expanding to other countries.


Philippine-based human resource (HR) products, benefits, and services provider company supporting freelancers and entrepreneurs both in the single proprietor space and small and medium scale businesses (SMEs). It is your one stop shop HR and administrative assistance platform. Based in Philippines.

Packing Delicious

Providing hungry netizens other option to purchased good quality of food. Quality food, fast delivery and reliable customer service, based in Manila, Philippines

I Want Seats

Online Bus and Transport booking system for Philippines.


HYBrain Development Corporation is a full-service software development company based in Bacolod, Philippines. The company also develops white label software for medical and accounting markets.