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Tagbond - Rewarding Data

For the first year of TAG operation, I was playing with technology for RFID, NFC, QR codes and later Bluetooth beacons...connecting the real world with the virtual, using simple technology items. I had an idea to create a simple app to inventory objects and add data to the records. So we created Tagbond which can be downloaded from both Google Playstore and iOS appstore. It can be used as an inventory tracking, checkin, checkout of anything, and NFC or any barcode can be used to get the data quickly. It didn't really fit in with the TAG Payments and Rewards platform at that point, but we are now modifying the app, allowing users to be rewarded for updating information.

To illustrate I will give you a scenario .

Let's say a local municipality has 1000 trashcans under its control. Who tracks what condition they are in, or if they are overflowing too often. Users can be encouraged to scan a code, and be rewarded with points, or given a chance to win prizes via our Tagwild game (without leaving the app). The layouts and data to be added publicly is up to the object creator, so it can be as simple or as detailed as they want it to be. Data entered is differentiated from staff comments and data updates, and can be connected via API into the any external database or system. I have used trashcans in this example but it could be any object out there. I will leave that to your imagination. We will also be adding the ability to PAY with points to update data, if that is required.

[Tagbond Website](http://tagbond.com" target="_blank)

[](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.tagcash.inventory.app&hl=en" target="_blank)

[](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tagbond/id1133481102?mt=8" target="_blank)