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Tagcash Modules - what to show or hide...

The Tagcash Wallet app has a multitude of uses to remit, spend or transfer both money and rewards points. However, not all services are useful in all countries. There is no point in having a way to buy airtime load in Philippines if you don't have a Peso wallet, but you might want to transfer your rewards points earned from a merchant to someone else (if that is allowed by that merchant). Regulations in different countries also dictate what we are allowed to do, with respects to services, wallets and points. We have concentrated just on Philippines while building the app, but now we need to extend further - but how best to do it. The website will also be changed soon using the API for all services, so it had to be done within the API. The answer seems pretty obvious now, but maybe my brain was slow today..:)

On Login, our API will check which country you are in or what wallet you have, and the database checked to show which modules should show. So for example, if you wanted to see the cash in and cash out modules for Philippine Pesos, you can add a Pesos Wallet. However, if you are in the Philippines a Peso wallet is added automatically. OFWs can add a wallet manually from the wallets menu.

For beta testing new modules added by developers I can choose to add Antarctica (or any fictitious country) to the menu. Anyone who wants to play with the new modules can do this by changing their country setting.

This will make the Tagcash Wallet much more useful outside of the Philippines.