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Tagcash & Tagwild playing together

The Tagcash Wallet app has been in use for a couple of years now, and we are adding more services to make it useful, like buying load and airtime, paying bills, booking home services, bus reservations, buying gifts and more. Customers can top up their wallet at banks, 7-Eleven, agents or via Bitcoin. And for countries where the wallet is not used, we are integrating Stripe for credit card payments and tying in rewards points created by a merchant for their own use.

We have already integrated the Tagwild Game into Tagcash, so using the QR code scanner, a Tagwild QR code can be scanned for a chance to win prizes and Tag Energy Points in Tagwild. Also integrated are the TEP Points, as you can see your balance there, incoming, outgoing and depending on your country, can transfer TEP to any other TAG user.

Now we will be integrating the chance to win prizes, plus given optional bonus TEP points when buying load, paying bills or using any of the other services when you pay for something.

Outside of the Philippines, merchant can link their Stripe account if they have one (or create one within a few seconds), and anytime a TAG user wants to pay using his credit card, the merchant can either use the Tagcash wallet app, or the API to give a customer a chance to win something. They can optionally add their own prizes and bonus TEP.

For those who don't know the Tagwild game, TEP points can be used in the game to advertise on every capture of a TAG by a player, to attack and defend geoTAGs, to place more TAGs on the map, to add prizes into the system and to give away as bonus points to their own customers.

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