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Tagcoin to be integrated into Tagwild

I created Tagcoin cryptocurrency, as a variant on Bitcoin, in November 2013 as an experiment to learn more about the technology and to see where it would go. Four years on, and having bought quite a lot over that time, the value has started to be recognized, especially in China.

I created it as a rewards currency as a variation on rebate rewards, with the plan to integrate it into our apps and services, and to encourage other merchants to do the same. We already give it as rewards for spending money with the Tagcash Wallet application, but now we will be adding it to the Tagwild Gamified Loyalty app as well.

Tagwild is a game we started development on in August 2016 and launched around April 2017. It has elements of Pokemon in that you get rewarded for visiting locations (geoTAGs), and we added QR codes to scan, also NFC or Bluetooth Beacons. The app can be used out in the wild (hence the app name) or in places like exhibitions where users are rewarded to visit vendors. The currency used in the app has been Tag Energy Points (TEP) which are earned in the game and can be spent on the advertising that is shown to each player when they "capture" a TAG. It is also used to battle over who owns a TAG, and to place your own TAGs on the map, and to earn income from advertising.

So very shortly we will replace TEP with Tagcoin, where it will be showng in mTAG format. (1 mTAG = 0.001 of a Tagcoin.) Advertising will be paid in Tagcoin, as will everything else. All existing users will have their current TEP converted to Tagcoin which they are free to trade using the Tagcash Wallet app.

Since Tagcoin is heavily traded in China we hope to see more usage of Tagwild there, without needing to set up an office etc. Players will want their friends to play as this may increase the value of Tagcoin because advertisers need to buy it to pay for adverts or to buy and protect geoTAGs in the game. And of course - in the Philippines, players and merchants can trade Tagcoin against local currency using the Tagcash Wallet application.