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Voting on the TAG Blockchain

Voting fraud is a big issue, with voters not trusting centralized systems. TAG can help allay some of those trust issues with a simple system recording registrations and votes on the Tagcoin Blockchain. Once recorded, they cannot be modified, and are available to all to see publicly. The way it would work is as follows:

  1. User registers with Tagcash (or any other system) and does required ID authentication as needed. This could be SMS, email, or full KYC for uploading government ID, data, images, video verification etc.

  2. User registers as a voter, and 0.002 of Tagcoin is transferred from the organizer registration account to an internal account address on the blockchain created just for that user. A transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

  3. When the time comes to vote, which can include voting for multiple candidates if needed, the voter then "spends" the amount in his account. 0.001 TAG goes to the miners and stakeholders as part of the blockchain transaction fees, and 0.001 TAG goes to Tagcash. This is how Tagcash earns to manage the system.

  4. The count of transactions to different candidates can be tallied real time to give accurate results.

To avoid hacking and large scale voting by one organization, votes can be linked to GPS position of a user, and recording patterns of voting could analyzed during and after voting.

If a company does not want to use Tagcash for the actual voting but still wants to use the blockchain, it can use the Tagcoin / Tagcash API to do the same thing. A government agency could this for election voting and it would still work out a lot cheaper than current systems available. How the votes are cast are not under our control, but the proof of the voting is there for everyone to see, on the TAG public blockchain

We will add this system to the Tagcash Wallet app and to the Tagcash website, but it could be added to any other system.