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Window Design for Earthbag House

When i was working on the earthbag house in Puerto Galera, I looked around for ready made windows we could install. I didn't want to use wood, due to termite problems, and the jalousie windows that most of the shanty house around seemed very flimsy, and weren't actually that cheap anyway. There were windows we could buy from a hardware store in Calapan (about 90 minutes drive away), but they were also 2200 pesos and the design was not that nice. Too much steel, with small panes. I know security is a big thing here, and most everyone is paranoid and ends up adding steel bars on the windows on the outside, but I want to create something simple that allow lots of light and was also fairly secure (or could be made so later). The occupants of this house don't have anything to steal, but I guess that doesn't stop people trying to get in to see.

I looked round for ideas, and looked up an old window style in the UK - horizontal pivot windows, used in schools.

I designed something in sketchup and gave a printout to our local welder and he whipped up something quite quickly. The outside frame we created using a C Parlin, in thin steel. That is what we will weld to the walls themselves, to rebar sticking out from the bags and then half sealed in with concrete as well. The actual window was made from 1 inch tubular steel (300 pesos per 20 ft length), 2 inch wide flat bar (250 pesos per 20ft) and some 1 inch TBar (230 pesos). The cylinder hinge was 25 pesos and the welding cost around 700 pesos per window, including installation into the window space in the walls. (For those outside of Philippines 50 Pesos = USD$1 at time of writing)

Eventually all windows will be painted green to match the door and the roof.

Here are a few pictures to show work so far: